World Flags

With over 200 world flags in our inventory, the Flag Emporium is the web's best source for national flags from around the globe. Each of the world flags we offer is available in multiple sizes, from mini 4x6" flags to full-sized 5x8' versions. You can also find flag lapel pins, decals and embroidered patches representing countries from around the world.

All of our world flags can be used as instructional tools in the classroom, but the miniature versions are especially fitting. We sell a handsome black-lacquered wooden base that holds as many as 50 mini flags. Using it to display world flags creates a colorful method for teaching young people about the great nations of the world.

Purchase High Quality World Flags and Flag Accessories

At the Flag Emporium, we have everything you need to mount and fly your favorite world flags. At our online store, you will find:

  • Indoor brass and gold-finished full-sized flag stands
  • Outdoor flag poles and hardware including brackets and fasteners
  • Parade flag belts in black or white webbing or leather
  • Dust covers to protect your world flags when not in use

Great melting pot that it is, America houses citizens from every corner of the planet. Loving the U.S. doesn't mean you don't miss the homeland, however, and buying your country of origin's flag is a great way to show pride in your heritage. A full-sized world flag can take up most of a wall, making it perfect for hanging over a couch or bed.